Upcoming Letterpress Courses 2015

Here are some details of letterpress courses I’m teaching this June & July in Distillers Press and The National Print Museum. I’m a bit late advertising as the one day course in the National Print museum has already booked out but do keep an eye on their website for future courses.

Distillers Press, NCAD
Three Day Course, Monday 29th June to Wednesday 1st July, 10am to 4pm each day

Designed for beginners or those with some knowledge of typography, graphic design or relief printing, this new course offers a fantastic opportunity to gain access to the Distillers Press, the only working letterpress facility in third level education in Ireland. The course will begin with an induction to the workshop, an overview of letterpress printing with examples of artists’ & designers’ work, an explanation of hand setting and an introduction to the use of the press. Following the first day’s introduction participants will cover two-colour printing and the use of wood and metal type to create their own work under supervision. This may take the form of prints, posters, simple books, cards or stationery, printed in a small run. The course will provide an excellent overview of the processes and materials involved in letterpress printing. A certain amount of quality paper will be provided but additional sheets may be purchased during the course if needed. Max. 8 people.

Book with CEAD, Continuing Education at NCAD: www.ncad.ie/continuing-education/prospectus/

The timetable of Summer courses being offered in 2015 along with the application form is now available here: www.ncad.ie/files/cead_files/CEAD_Summer_2015.pdf

Full descriptions of the courses can be found in the brochure Summer 2015:

National Print Museum
5th July, 10.30am – 4.30pm

This course will introduce people to letterpress printing, specifically using the Vandercook proofing press. After an introduction to the typecase and instruction on how to set type, each participant will set their own piece of text using metal and/or wood type. Each participant should prepare a short quote, saying or excerpt of prose or poetry that they would like to set and print. The result will be a card or small print in a short edition.

metal paragraph

2 Responses to Upcoming Letterpress Courses 2015

  1. I am hoping to come to Dublin, Ireland in the spring of 2017. I would like to take an intermediate or advanced course in letterpress while I’m visiting your country. Or rent studio time.
    Knock on wood, I hope to stay for about 3 months, and rent a place to stay in Dublin and in Donegal as well. My great grandfather was born in Dublin and his family moved to Canada when he was a baby.

    I am using this trip to trace my ancestors’ footsteps, do some site seeing and to take a course or rent studio time in a letterpress studio.

    You can see some of my letterpress work on my FB page to get an idea of the type of work I do.

    I know this is quite a ways into the future and I want to get a feel of what’s available in Dublin for letterpress.

    Alice Crawford

    • Hi Alice,
      I think I’ve already been in contact with you through Graphic Studio Dublin!
      I teach an intermediate evening class in Distillers Press from January to March each year. Booking wouldn’t be available until Autumn 2016. It is administrated by the Continuing Education Department in the National College of Art & Design in Dublin : http://www.ncad.ie/continuing-education There should be a brochure available online towards the end of the Summer. Other than that you should definitely check out the National Print Museum: http://nationalprintmuseum.ie/
      Do make contact when you know the dates of your trip – it would be lovely to meet you!

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